PCA_1Why Gandamo?

More than thirty years of experience in sales of goods and services, national and international, direct and indirect.

Our mission:

Increase the sales productivity of our customers


To know if the productivity increases, you need to be able to compare. That is why an audit is important.
Gandamo can do a full audit with the following objectives:

  • a clear inventory of the current status of the sales team and its results
  • a gap analysis between the current and the desired state and results

Based on the audit conclusions, we make recommendations for significant, and “sustainable” productivity gains.

This can only happen by raising the sales organisation to a “systemic” level, where the productivity gains are embedded in the structure, the processes, communication and mindset.

If you wish, we can assist you in the implementation, and take care of the necessary training.

Are you absolutely convinced your sales team is at the top of its game? If not, let us help you.

Hope to meet you soon,


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