Sales productivity analysis: why?

Health checks are frequently done to increase the performance of many departments:

  • Accounting
  • Security and safety
  • Information Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Research and Development
  • etc…  

So why not do a productivity analysis with sales?

A screening done by a third party , with a fresh look, can increase the productivity significantly and reduce costs.

Sales productivity analysis: when?

  • Disfunction between two or more departments (e.g. marketing and sales)
  • Permanent challenge to sell “value” proposition, due to a problem of differentiation. Consequence: larger discounts
  • No consistent sales methodology and related processes
  • More sales people not reaching their targets, decreasing productivity
  • Delayed or lost opportunities and customers postponing their decision
  • High erosion of sales personnel
  • No or little technology  in support of sales
  • Little leverage through alternative channels
  • A need for a thorough “due diligence” as part of a potential acquisition or raise of capital