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Lead Generation

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The raise of new media/technology has significantly and irrevocably changed the behavior of potential buyers.

That is why, today, Lead generation is one of the most important priorities and challenges for a company.

This training course gives marketing and sales a better insight  in lead generation:

  • Planning: Profiling, detection, positioning, objectives, budgeting and resources
  • Execution: Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing
  • Continuous management and follow-up: Lead scoring/nurturing, permanent follow-up and improvement

Intelligent Sales Management

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Buyer behavior has strongly changed over the last few years. Today he decides to a much larger extent what happens and when in the buying cycle.

This requires a totally new approach from sales management. the old ways won’t work anymore. Or worse, they will actually be counter-productive.

This training course will learn you:

  • How to map the buying cycle, in a structured way, with a uniform communication throughout the whole organization (marketing and sales)
  • Which actions at which stage of the cycle will yield the best results
  • How you need to position yourself to avoid becoming embroiled in a price war and still significantly increase you chances of winning.